Walpa D’Mark


In the Intro Series, Walpa is introducing  historical images related to American and Nicaraguan shared history to his old idiosyncratic figurations to create hyper identity introspections that produce strange psychological paintings that are figurative and poetic narratives.

He has recognized that his interest in Humanism and Christianity, hope and doubt, and existential angst, are rooted in the trauma he experienced from his Nicaraguan exodus, and therefore both share the same space in his thoughts. 

His recent paintings are about the tumultuous, sometimes oppressive history between the United States and Nicaragua. They consist of figures and symbolism from Nicaraguan and American history that reflect his own identity as a Nicaraguan American Artist. 

Having experienced the exodus from Nicaragua as a political asylum refugee, patriotism in the United States, and an increasingly hostile administration to people from Central America, Walpa is exploring his place in the complex story of immigrants in the United States.

His Recent Drawings are studies of content and composition, and coincide with research and poetic thoughts. 

Prior to his recent work, His paintings and sculptures were idiosyncratic figurations of ideas about hope and doubt, Christianity and Humanism, and existential angst.


BORN 1977 in Managua, Nicaragua

Lives and works in Los Angeles


MFA Claremont Graduate University

BFA CSU Long Beach

Army Academy of Health Science


2007 CGU Art Fellowship

2006 James Irvine Foundation

Selected Exhibitions

2019 "B-LA Connect, The New Colossus," Scotty Enterprise, Berlin, Germany 

2019 "The New Colossus," Eastside International, LA, CA 

2015 “Three Painters,” Coagula Curatorial, LA, CA

2015 “Post Medium,” Manhattan Beach Art Center, CA

2014 “LA Art Show,” Coagula Curatorial, Los Angeles, CA

2013 “When I am god,” West Gallery, University of La Verne, CA (solo)

2013 “Sur Biennial II,” Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA 

2013 “Unsolved Mysteries,” Post, Los Angeles, CA

2013 “Mas Attack,” LA Mart, Los Angeles, CA

2012 “New Work,” Coagula Curatorial, Los Angeles, CA (solo)

2012 “80 Days,” Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA

2012 “Leap Year,” curated by David Pagel, East Gallery, Claremont, CA

2011 “Messy Aspirations,” Riverside Arts Complex, Riverside, CA 

2011 “Cosa Nostra, This Thing of Ours,” Rheeway Gallerie, LA (Korea Town), CA 

2011 “6th International Invitational Exhibition,” Gallery Iang, Seoul, South Korea 

2011 “1st Sosabeol Art Festival 2011,” Lake Pyeongtaek Art Museum, Pyeongtaek, S Korea 

2011 “SOKI Invited International Exchange,” Iang Gallery, Seoul, South Korea 

2010 “A Bright Future,” House Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT (solo)

2010 “What Does Digital+Art Mean to You?” Digital Pavilion, Seoul, South Korea 

2010 “Bakers Dozen 2,” Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA 

2010 “Mannlicher CarcanoPlex Mach 01,” Post, LA, CA 

2009 “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun,” Greenleaf Gallery, Whittier College , CA 

2008 “Ambiguous and Sloppy,” East Gallery, Claremont Graduate University (solo)

2008 “Ultrasonic III,” Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica , CA 

2007 “Some Paintings,” Curated by Doug Harvey, Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica , CA 

2007 “Voyage”, Space Contemporary, Santa Ana , CA 

2007 “Criteria,” Galeria Perdida,” Mexico and Schalter Gallery, Germany 

2006 “Chain Letter,” High Energy Construct, Los Angeles , CA 

2005 “Three Blind Mice,” The Office-an Art Space, Huntington Beach , CA 

2004 “PG-13,” Concrete Walls, LA’s Miracle Mile, CA


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